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Hunting or fishing in North Dakota?

We are K&K Housing. We provide housing and cabin rentals for hunters and fishermen in Lehr, North Dakota (Logan and McIntosh Counties).

If you would like something simple, and a nice get away vacation for a weekend fishing, hunting, or just to get away for a few days, book your stay with us today!


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About our Fishing and Hunting Properties

Rentals By Day or By Week

We own a variety of different houses that have room for six people, clear up to thirteen people! There's plenty of space so remember to bring your family and friends! That is, if you want to.


Prices are firm but they are cheap!

  • Starting at $42/person per night. (Children/Kids 15 and under stay for free!)

Specialty Rentals*

A friend of ours does rent ice houses for ice fishing trips also so keep that in mind also.

  • $60/day per Ice House.

He does also rent a boat if you don't have your own that you want to haul on a long trip too! 

  • $60/day per Boat.

* His contact details will be released upon booking a stay with us.


We do have a special though, on your third trip out here that you stay with us you will get your first day back for FREE!

Just a little information about the houses.

We offer houses for your western adventures - year around these houses are set up the way you would do it! House trained dogs are welcome inside, also a place outside for outdoor dogs, with your leash of course. While we do provide housekeeping services, it would be greatly appreciated if you clean up after yourself with our vacuum and cleaning supplies. But don't worry about changing linens or bedding, we manage that ourselves.


our properties

We Would Love to Have You Visit Soon!

Our properties have all you need for a great stay, with special amenities for hunters and fishermen like skinning quarters and gutting shacks.


photo by Andrew Filer


About Lehr, North Dakota

This is the best place to fish and hunt, reason being is that there are lots of "pot hole" lakes that are heavily stocked with fish yearly, and a lot of them are almost unknown. The pheasant, duck, and goose hunting is excellent here also because there's such a low amount of pressure from hunters. Also the land owners welcome hunters that are polite and ask for access to their property.

Feel free to follow what is going on out here by checking out our guide to fishing and hunting in North Dakota. We’ll be posting how the fishing and hunting is going, if the ice is good, and when the northern ducks have been seen.